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Meeting Minute attendees from a related set of data

  • 1.  Meeting Minute attendees from a related set of data

    Posted 07-17-2019 21:08
    I have some tables with some interconnected data.  Let me first help to summarize my tables and my end goal:

    • Projects has many meeting minutes
    • Project has many project members
    • Meeting Minutes has many meeting minute items
    • Meeting Minutes has many project members
    • Project Members has many contacts (so project members is a many to many join for projects and contacts)
    What I am trying to do is build an attendance section for my meeting minutes that shows who was present at the meeting, their name, title, company name, email, and phone number.

    Since I have the related project members I can easily pull from that table.  However, I am trying to only allow the user to select from the related project. 

    For example if my contacts table has John, Joe, Sue, and Rachel.

    John and Sue are part of Project A.  Joe and Rachel are not.  When I create meeting minutes for this project I only want to be able to select John and Sue as meeting attendees.

    Thanks in advance!

  • 2.  RE: Meeting Minute attendees from a related set of data

    Posted 07-18-2019 01:22
    I think that there is an easy solution here.

    Make a Many to many relationship between project members and meeting minutes with meeting Attendees as the join table.

    One project Member has Many meeting attendances.
    One meeting has Many meeting attendances.

    Make the selection of the project member for the Meeting Attendance be a conditional drop down based in Related meeting.