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Archive User Input Log entries

  • 1.  Archive User Input Log entries

    Posted 12-18-2018 21:41
    User Input Log entries, Field Type: Text - Multi Line.

    Users have the option to enter in status notes under an individual project form OR enter in by using a grid edit under a project report table.  

    The grid edit function under a project report table is used when multiple projects are worked on within the day; and the user can quickly update their notes in one screen, rather than opening each individual project form. 

    Once a status note is typed in and saved, they are time stamped with user name and locked for editing. No edits are possible to saved notes.; only new entries are allowed to be made/saved.

    The problem:

    The project report table shows all notes saved during lifetime of project, making the report very long to scroll thru.

    Would I need to set up a secondary "Section Heading" Under the Project form to archive Input log entries; allowing only the latest saved note to appear before it is replaced by another entry? 

    If a user wants to see the history of status notes, they can go to View or Edit under the Project form. I don't want all status notes to appear in the project Report table

    My thought process:
    Status Notes entered would be archived when another note is entered/saved after it.
    Allowing the user to see the last status entered in the Project Report view before they update it. 

    I hope this makes sense. Looking for someone to list out the steps I need to take to make this happen! 

    Grateful for any tips that can be provided.

  • 2.  RE: Archive User Input Log entries

    Posted 12-18-2018 21:50
    You can put the Status notes into a tab on the form to hide that clutter most of the time.

    If you goal then is to have a convenient field on the project form itself giving the most recent Project Status, then Dec 16th was your lucky day.  It would be nice to have a summary text field type to float up the words from the most recent status note up to the project record.

    To do that, on the Relationships between Projects and Status notes, make a summary field of the Maximum of the [Record ID#] field and called it [Record ID# of the most recent Status note].

    Look that up in the relationship back down to the Status notes.

    Then using the new December 16th 2018 feature make a summary Combined text field of the Status note, subject to the filter that the [Record ID#] is equal to the [Record ID# of the most recent Status note].  If the  "bubble" appearance bothers you, you can make a formula text field with the formula

    ToText([My Most recent Status update])

    and use that on your form.