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Quickbooks Integration - Credit Card Credits

  • 1.  Quickbooks Integration - Credit Card Credits

    Posted 12-12-2017 23:05
    I am working with expenses imported from quickbooks via the built-in integration. I cannot seem to find any fields included in the imported data that indicate whether an expense is really an expense or if it is a credit. The amounts both show positive numbers regardless of type. I see no indication in any other data fields either. Has anyone else run into this problem? Honestly an easy fix would be to be able to import the actual URL of the item in quickbooks, as it specifically lists the 'type' credit versus expense. I actually found the problem while creating a url button to redirect the user to view the transaction in quickbooks, lo and behold the transaction I tested to make sure the button worked was a credit. The page it brought me to said the transaction had been deleted. 

  • 2.  RE: Quickbooks Integration - Credit Card Credits

    Posted 12-13-2017 14:45

    What fields did you include when you set up your QBO connected table, and how do you go about recording Credits in Quickbooks?

    I ask because it will determine what data to look for to differentiate between a debit/credit.

    I tested a connected table using the Expert Option called "Purchases" which pulled over all transaction fields on a sample credit card account, including a check box called "Credit" 

    This is all we need to create a formula to drive whether the "Amount" should be a positive or negative integer.

    If you have a setup similar to this, all you need is to create a formula numeric field and call it something like Amount Formula, like the following,


    This will display credits as positive amounts, and everything else as negative.

    Depending on how this data feeds other tables and formulas, you may find it makes more sense to switch the formula to display credits as negatives, etc. (some would consider a negative expense a credit, but you get the idea. :)

    Hope that helps!

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    Posted 12-13-2017 16:06
    Aha, I was pulling over line item information. No checkbox for credit is present there. 
    The layout of the line item information is much better for our needs, but I've created another table with the expert option purchases info connected. 
    I'll just create a relationship based on txnId and create a field showing whether credit is checked or not in the second table. Easy fix :)  
    Awesome thank you!!! 

  • 4.  RE: Quickbooks Integration - Credit Card Credits

    Posted 12-13-2017 17:00
    Happy to help!