IOL not working with trigger that adds records

  • 1.  IOL not working with trigger that adds records

    Posted 06-28-2018 19:30
    We have a trigger that adds records to [Modified Records] table based on changes, whether it be through editing the record directly, or through Grid Edit. I have the IOL set up for [Modified Records]. The idea was to get the script to execute every time a record is added to this table. Although a record is successfully added to [Modified Records] based on these conditions set by the trigger, the script is not being executed.

    I would like to know if it is possible to get this script to execute this way, or what other technique can I use?
    1. Do I need a Service Worker? If so, can you please link me to how to set one up? I have searched heavily through QuickBase and it's not very organized, leaving good information hard to find.
    2. What are the basics to detecting changes in the grid? I would like to get the value that has been changed in the grid and do something with it.
    3. Would a Mutation Observer be useful for this?