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QuickBase Help Conditional Dropdowns: Basic Setup

  • 1.  QuickBase Help Conditional Dropdowns: Basic Setup

    Posted 11-07-2018 04:41
    I've followed the instructions in QuickBase Help for the Conditional Dropdowns: Basic Setup topic.  I've setup the tables and configured the relationships.  However, when I access the field properties of the Related City field in the Employees table, the Proxy field drop down does not contain "Cities" as shown in screen shot.  Also, the first drop down menu in the Conditional values section contains Employees: Related Country but not contain Employees: Country.

  • 2.  RE: QuickBase Help Conditional Dropdowns: Basic Setup

    Posted 11-27-2018 02:51
    I think you need to check your relationships, it doesn't look like you selected any lookup fields

    Proxy Field Drop Down

    If no fields show up in the Proxy Field drop down then you did not include any lookup fields in the relationship between the Cities and Employees tables.  Edit that relationship, click Add lookup fields then select the City Name field.  Then go back to the Related City field and you should see a field in the Proxy Field Drop Down.

    First Drop Down Menu
    add the country name as a lookup field in the Countries to Employees relationship, that should show up in the drop down once you do that

    They should look something like this