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Not saving most current report

  • 1.  Not saving most current report

    Posted 05-04-2017 17:19
    We created a new tab titled "documents", here we have an excel spreadsheet that is updated monthly by various employees. Each take turns adding new data for the month. When we review at the end of the week it appears it's not saving the most currently saved report, because every month at least one of the employee's data is missing. Even when they verify no one is currently working on the report. It seems it's not saving the most recently saved, so when the next employee goes to make their changes, they are likely working on an order version, therefore missing 1-2 employee's updates by the end of the months reviews. Is there a way to avoid this? Is there a better way of having each employee update the same document without data saving issues? How does a url work on here, and can it help?

  • 2.  RE: Not saving most current report

    Posted 05-04-2017 17:40
    Are they working on the "excel" report of the QuickBase report/records? 
    Does the QB report have some type of filtering or sorting that hides the new additions?

    Not sure what you mean by 'does a url work here?'

    Just looking for some clarity of the issues.

  • 3.  RE: Not saving most current report

    Posted 05-04-2017 19:40
    I have no idea what a URL does, I just saw it was an added section on here, I recently removed. I didn't know if that would apply some benefit to making sure each excel workbook was saved properly and each employee was working off the most current. Here is an image of the table with the link to the saved workbook.

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    Posted 05-04-2017 17:58
    Chriming in here. I think they are successively posting new file attachments. I.e., Excel workbooks.

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    Posted 05-05-2017 01:11
    Have you considered moving the data off of rows of Excel entries and actually have those be individual QuickBase records.  That way everyone is always working off the latest information.

    It is typically pretty easy to convert rows of excel data to be a QuickBase table.

    From your description of the problem, it just sounds like confusion and timing issues of who is updating the excel sheet and that there are multiple staff thinking they have the most current version when they don't.

    ie user A grabs the excel sheets and hangs onto it for a few days while they update it.  but meanwhile another user grabs a copy and updates the excel sheet.  That data will get lost when the first user posts their updated sheet.

    One way to see that is that if you click on Revisions a button beside the file attachment on the record (not the report) , you can see at least the previous three versions (and you can set that higher), and you can see when each version was posted and by who.  Check that out and I think it will tell you that the file attachments are not being as rigorously controlled as you thought.