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Freeze on search

  • 1.  Freeze on search

    Posted 03-19-2018 13:21
    I have a user using Win 10 (chrome) when he searches using the sliding search at the top of a table or any preformed filters, the quickbase app seems to freeze (the little whirling busy signal appears) and then nothing further. All other operations seem to work fine (opening table, navigate to the form from a table, etc.) I got him to try IE as an alternative (same problem). I tried from a different PC using his account no problem. I guess this is more likely to be something with the particular PC, but no idea what.

  • 2.  RE: Freeze on search

    Posted 03-19-2018 13:42
    Hi Andrew,

    This one specific user, when signed into his computer is able to navigate the rest of your application and use the search in other tables but specifically on one table when he attempts to search his computer freezes? Is his computer on a specific network that might be different from the one you tested the other computer on? Is he on any type of secured network? Has he tried clearing out his cache and then making sure his browsers are up to date? Have you had any other users report issues with that table? Is that table particularly large in size?

    Unfortunately, troubleshooting a particular computers access issue in the absence of a larger access problem can be difficult as there are a number of factors in play that could include the browser settings and version, internet connection quality, computer settings, etc. All those factors happen outside the realm of what we can see from our end at Quick Base if they aren't tied to a larger performance issue. I often recommend clearing the cache and confirming that the browsers themselves are all up to date as a good first step. Along with that making sure that the computer gets a reboot after any updates, just incase it is a computer that isn't regularly rebooted. This can cause some needed updates not to be fully installed. Then after that I would check to see if the issue persists and start looking into whether any other users are experiencing the same issue on the same table, just to see if it might be a larger problem that you haven't had reported to you yet.  Thank you for your time today Andrew.