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send notification when all quotes are completed

  • 1.  send notification when all quotes are completed

    Posted 07-12-2018 15:52

    Purpose of my app is to request Quotes from our suppliers.

    Lets say I send them a request for quote for 5 components that are used on project ABC123. And an additional 3 request for quotes for components used on project BirthdayCake.

    I want to be notified when all 5 components have been quoted for ABC123 in one email.

    And a separate email once all 3 components have been quoted for Birthdaycake.

    I figured i would create a summary field, however that would require me to setup a relationship between two tables. My app only has one table.

  • 2.  RE: send notification when all quotes are completed

    Posted 07-13-2018 21:11
    It sounds like you're not making the most of your application. If you're requesting Quotes from Suppliers, and each Quote could have multiple Components for the same Project, I would suggest setting up an application that is much more in depth. An application that has one table is really just a glorified spreadsheet. 

    Based on your information, I see an application that would have at least these tables:
    • Clients
    • Projects
    • Quotes
    • Quote Components
    • Components (just a general listing of all possible components)
    • Suppliers
    While you wouldn't be able to setup an email notification, you could setup a report on your dashboard that would show you all Quotes in a specific status and the # of Quote Components that have been completed vs pending, or something similar.