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Add New Record for a report Link

  • 1.  Add New Record for a report Link

    Posted 12-26-2018 23:42
    Step 1:  I have a table called routine maintenance and another table called service orders.  Basically, if a discrepancy is found during a routine maintenance visit it is noted & automatically pulled to a discrepancy report (report link).  I would like to add a button to this report that says "Create Service Order".  When this button it pressed it will open a new service order on the service order table.  

    Now I think step 1 will be pretty easy.  BUT step 2 of my wants might be a little more difficult.  In a perfect world, I would like for certain information from the discrepancy report to auto-populated in my service order.  Is this possible?

  • 2.  RE: Add New Record for a report Link

    Posted 12-27-2018 00:10
    no problem,
    You can populate any field you like.

    urlroot() & "db/" & [_DBID_SERVICE ORDERS] & "?act=GenAddRecordForm"

    & "&_fid_111=" & urlencode(field source 1])
    & "&_fid_222=" & urlencode(field source 2])

    You will need to get the correct table name for the service orders table from the Advanced Properties tab for the service orders table.

    and the 111 and 222 are place holder for the field ID's of the field to be populated.

    If the value you are putting into those fields might contain spaces or special characters, then you will need to urlencode the contents.

    I have put an app in the Exchange called Formula URLs for Dummies.  It explains the some of the URL formula syntax.