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dynamic dropdown (report link)

  • 1.  dynamic dropdown (report link)

    Posted 14 days ago

    I need to create a table in my app that has a mapping of contacts to business unit so that in my main table Requests, the user can select a business unit and the matching contact will be populated. There are some business units that have more than one person assigned, and I would like for those to show the user a dropdown of those specific users for them to choose from. So for example:

    Sales - Jennifer
    Marketing - Paige
    Marketing - Matt

    Please see attached screenshots for desired functionality. How would I go about this?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jennifer Paschal

  • 2.  RE: dynamic dropdown (report link)

    Posted 14 days ago
    This can be done,  but you need to drive this from table choices of Contacts from a relationship and not just the down and dirty multiple choice field types.

    You will need a table of contacts and a column here for the business unit.

    Then make a relationship between your "Table" and the contacts and look for the check box to make this choice conditional .....

    Post back if you get stuck and also let me know if you have a ton of existing data. If here is little data just use Grid Edit to update the new field fore the contact which will be the lookup, to what I assume is now just a multiple choice field.

    Here is a Help article on Conditional Drop Down, sometimes called CDD. https://help.quickbase.com/user-assistance/conditional_dropdowns.html

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach