How to have two codepages running at once on a single table.

  • 1.  How to have two codepages running at once on a single table.

    Posted 01-08-2019 19:20
    Ok so i understand that having two code-pages running scripts at once is not the best idea in the first place and should always be narrowed down to a single program of scripts, but that is what i would like to know how to do today.

    At the moment my company has table that collects information and always require a signature at the end, to do this we use a code page that creates the extra HTML and dynamic functionality that we need for the form. Recently however, my supervisor has requested that i make some quality of life changes to the form (that was actually very complicated to do) in which i basically acquire information from a report in another table and use it to compare to information in the current form, which will then go through and auto-fill some other fields in the form (all of this being done in a code page). Its hard to explain in writing but its all something a simple relationship was unable to do and i just wanted to provide some context to my situation.

    My point is, i need to have the code from both code pages (the one that does the signatures, and the new one i just made to auto-fill information) running at the same time.

    We have been using [iol] [/iol] as our method of calling code pages in the form and ive tried to use two at once, however this causes an error.

    NOTE: I am really trying to refrain from having to combine ALL the code from both code pages into one since they are very cumbersome and i would like to keep them separated for future  reference. I have tried using $.getScript() function at the top of one code page  as shown below, but that did not work. Are there any other