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Time Duration?

  • 1.  Time Duration?

    Posted 10-25-2018 18:51

        New to QuickBase and struggling just a bit on some simple stuff. I had a working formula of [End Time]-[Start Time] to give me Duration (Minutes) example being...
    Start Time: 12:20 pm End Time: 12:30 pm Duration = 10 minutes

    I was hoping to add extra time entries and get a Total Duration, example being...
    ([End Time]-[Start Time])+([End Time 2]-[Start Time 2])
    Start Time: 12:20 pm End Time: 12:30 pm 
    Start Time 2: 12:40 pm End Time 2: 12:50 pm Duration = 20 minutes  

    However this did not work as I had hoped and now returning to my original [End Time]-[Start Time] is no longer working. I'm sure it's probably a simple fix but I would appreciate any help!

    -Apologies! [Start Time] and [End Time] are time of day field types  

  • 2.  RE: Time Duration?

    Posted 10-25-2018 19:19
    I have a formula in one of my Quick Bases that looks like this...

    ToTimestamp([Stop Date],[Stop Time])-ToTimestamp([Start Date],[Start Time])

    It is similar to yours only it includes the date as well, perhaps it will also resolve your issue.

    I've also found that using 'smart units' on the duration field can cause issues. If you have that selected, you can change it to minutes and see if that helps.

    To 'add' multiple durations I've set them us as child records and summarized the duration on the parent record without issue.