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Integration with Priority ERP

  • 1.  Integration with Priority ERP

    Posted 09-03-2018 10:57
    Does anyone have any experience with doing integration an ERP like priority? I found this https://prioritysoftware.github.io/restapi/ which looks like REST API for interacting with Priority. We would need Quickbase to push information to Priority and perhaps also pull information. 

    I want to know what level of effort something like this requires or if there is already something built that can handle this.


  • 2.  RE: Integration with Priority ERP

    Posted 09-22-2018 01:52
    I would say a decent amount of effort. The thing about Quickbase is it does not allow you to see the payload from an API response. So you need to have a server, or a middleman software to manipulate responses between Quickbase and priority ERP.

    The things that are simple that Quickbase can do. You can use a webhook to hit an endpoint using XML or JSON to send data. (you will not get response, EX: if your first step in the API is to receive an auth token)

    You can allow a 3rd party to post into your APP with a userToken/appToken and field_ID numbers and your Quickbase domain URL. 

  • 3.  RE: Integration with Priority ERP

    Posted 09-25-2018 08:00
    Thanks. Do you know of any apps that accomplish something like this already built? Maybe they can get us halfway there.

  • 4.  RE: Integration with Priority ERP

    Posted 09-29-2018 22:57
    I use Zapier for all of my API integrations I have setup with QuickBase right now. Very simple and easy to use.

  • 5.  RE: Integration with Priority ERP

    Posted 10-02-2018 07:44
    Why is zapier superior to just using the native quickbase webhooks?

  • 6.  RE: Integration with Priority ERP

    Posted 10-02-2018 08:12
    Because there are very few limitations that Dan knows better than I, that allow responses through URL response. Without that, you cannot access a payload that shows a response to filter without a middleman (Zapier or your own server).

    Quickbase Webhook will take an action and send data based on the action.

    Most APIs require an auth step, usually known as a Bearer token response, to resend the API with an authorized action.

    The native Quickbase webhook cannot receive the response to .parse() to place into a bearer token. So Zapier handles this.

    I can get into more detail if you need, email me JRogers@zoisolar.com