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Prevent duplicate record entries using a webhook

  • 1.  Prevent duplicate record entries using a webhook

    Posted 04-17-2018 22:41
    I have an issue with a webhook. I am using the Import from CSV to enter records in a table. In my projects table I have a series of checkboxes based on equipment type. I simply check each box by each equipment type and that inturn enters a record in my equipment table with the related ID of the project, the project type and the equipment description. All is working with the exception that if I forget to check an equipment type, check another box and save, it not only make the new entry, but it duplicate the previous entry. Not sure how to add code to this webhook to prevent that from happening.

    I tried creating a unique field of information in the equipment records to prevent duplicates but the webhook is looking at anything in that filed, is finding duplicate information and stops dead in its tracks

    The other issue is even if a box is not checked it will post a line item in the table without the equipment description or a related ID. I created an automation that runs right after the save to cleanup those records but am sure there is some coding for the webhook to prevent this as well.

    Any help or guidance is appreciated...image of webhook coding attached

  • 2.  RE: Prevent duplicate record entries using a webhook

    Posted 11-08-2018 18:37
    I would love to know this too.