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add duration to an event

  • 1.  add duration to an event

    Posted 06-20-2019 15:35
    Hello. I am trying to create a calendar that gives preliminary duration times to events that have expected dates, but no actual dates. 

    For instance. I have a "QFC camp" that normally lasts 3 days and expected date (date field) is next week. How can I have that event show up on my calendar next week, spanning 3 days? I do have a "duration" field that tracks the actual duration once complete. Can I create a formula that enters the duration based on expected date (+ expected duration) and then go in and modify once event has occurred?

    I have tried: if([event type]="QFC",[duration days]=2 but get errors

    TL;DR: Need to have future events populate on calendar spanning "preliminary" duration based on event type.
    Thank you for your help.

  • 2.  RE: add duration to an event

    Posted 06-20-2019 19:17
    Hi Thomas,
    Here's what I have done in a similar situation. For your events create (if you don't already have) 2 date fields:Expected start  and an Expected end.
    Then make 2 formula date fields: Calendar Start and Calendar End.
    Calendar Start = If(IsNull([Actual Start]),[Expected start],[Actual Start]),
    Calendar End = If(IsNull([Actual End]),[Expected end],[Actual End]).

    Base your calendar on these 2 fields.
    If you don't have actual dates for an event, the calendar dates use the Expected dates. When you update your event with actual dates, the real event dates are displayed. You can color-code events if you make a status field (Tentative or Scheduled) based on what you have or haven't entered in the Actual Start field.
    Hope this helps