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Form Ribbon

  • 1.  Form Ribbon

    Posted 06-19-2019 16:22
    Does anyone know of a way to add a ribbon to the top of a form?

    I would like to have some content available at the top of a form and always be visible even if the form is long enough that the user has to scroll down to enter data into all of the fields.

  • 2.  RE: Form Ribbon

    Posted 06-19-2019 16:30
    I typically build a [Record ID Display].  This is a formula-text field which I use to replace the default setting of [Record ID#] as the record title in a form.  I can then customize this to include key information about the record; it's parent (if there is one) and perhaps a status (if that applies).  I always add the [Record ID#] on the end, so that as an Admin I have visibility to the record information when troubleshooting user issues.

    For example, a formula-text field:

    [Company Name] & " - " & [Parent Company] & " - " [Sales Status] & " -ID# " & [Record ID#]

    Then go into the table-settings, click on Advanced Settings and change the Record Title to the formula field ([Record ID Display].  I always make this formula field non-reportable so that users do not use it in their reports.

    I do not know of a solution to display custom-text that never moves from the Top of the Page as you scroll down.  Even if you use TABS to control how much data the user sees in each one; if you have to scroll within a TAB down below the header of the record; you will still lose whatever you put at the top of the form.  The Record Title however, is always visible.

  • 3.  RE: Form Ribbon

    Posted 06-19-2019 17:18
    Thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience.

    I have worked around this before by using many forms for one record entry and minimizing the content of each form so that it was not necessary to scroll, but a fixed header or ribbon bar would be a great tool for me.

  • 4.  RE: Form Ribbon

    Posted 06-19-2019 17:23
    Quick Base uses navbar and it looks like this when scrolled all the way to the top:


    Then as soon as you scroll down a bit it changes to this:


    So I am pretty sure it would be possible with image on load and a script page, but I am not that talented yet...