Newly introduced tabs still need improvement

  • 1.  Newly introduced tabs still need improvement

    Posted 08-04-2017 08:01
    While it was a long awaited development and I am pleased these are there but tabs option still need to be improved.

    First, it should be clarified to users who are converting section heading to tabs that they might keep the sections and add tabs on top of these.  Failing which, there are two issues. One, if the underlying dynamic form rules are dealing with hide/show, these settings will be lost when section headings are converted to tabs. Second, if someone choses to have the section heading with the 'above fieds' setting turned on, these will be lost too.

    Another issue is if you are in certain tab on a record and move to next record, you are brought back to the first tab and not the one you were on.  It is rather cumbersome. Some work on this issue could help users a lot so that tab anchor is remembered.   

    Tabs are more or less the same coloutr as the form itself. Due to lack of option to colour tabs, visually tabs do not stand out. Also tab shape could be improved to appear as 3d which would make it visally appealing. 

    I normally have project name right at the top of the form. After tabs being introduced, this header can only be seem when user is in the first tab. If there was an option to create a header of the which would sit on top of tabs, that would be a good enhancement.