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Updating QB field with from an javacript request

  • 1.  Updating QB field with from an javacript request

    Posted 02-14-2019 11:54

    I need to edit an existing field with a jwt token from an external system.
    To do this I have created a javascript calling the AUTH process to request the jwt token.

    My request code looks like this: 

               type: 'POST',
               url: "https://api.endpoint.url";,
               processData: true,
               data: {login: "username, password: "password"},
               dataType: "JSON",
               success: function (data) {
    function processData(data){

    var token = (data.sessionData);
    console.log (token)


    How can I save the variable "token" to a field in QB.
    I need to recurrently update the same field with the token string as the token expires.

    Hope anyone can help

    Best regards

  • 2.  RE: Updating QB field with from an javacript request

    Posted 03-12-2019 18:07
    Are you doing this from a Quick Base code page or a button on a form? If your function for processData is successfully parsing the token out, then your last step is to just finish it off and do an API_EditRecord call back into Quick Base and update whatever field you want this token stored in. So inside of your function processData you could do a simple $.get request such as $.get('https://yourrealm.quickbase.com/db/dbid?a=API_editRecord&rid=your record id&_fid_1000=' + token); swapping out your actual realm / dbid / record id and fid components for the actual record you need to update

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