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comparing multiple records

  • 1.  comparing multiple records

    Posted 06-29-2018 18:51
    I am trying to look at a group of records for an individual and return when their next recertification is due. Currently I have records for each recertification and when the next is due. However, when they are recertified it may be for more than one type and the expiration dates may not all be the same. What I would like to do is look back through their records and determine when the next certification is due and return just that due date, so I can see a list of all employees and when their next certification is due.

  • 2.  RE: comparing multiple records

    Posted 06-29-2018 18:54
    Assuming that the certification records have a field for [Date Completed], then it would just be a summary field on a relationship where 1 employee has many certifications, and it would be a summary minimum of the Certification Due Date where the [Date Completed] is blank.

  • 3.  RE: comparing multiple records

    Posted 06-29-2018 21:26
    I'll give that a shot, Thanks.