Looking for Suggestion: Daily Truck Status

  • 1.  Looking for Suggestion: Daily Truck Status

    Posted 11-21-2018 16:06
    I have a list of assets (Vac Trucks) that I need to be able to get a daily status on. We have 14 different yards and I would like each yard manager to be required to go in daily and set the current status of the asset of types:
    -No Work
    -No Driver
    -Down in Shop
    -Down Waiting on Parts
    -Working in other Yard
    -Sent to XXX

    In a perfect world this data would be retained so at any time I could pull a utilization report by asset historically vs just the current utilization so we can make decisions about assets. So today asset 1100 may be Working.....asset 1100 may have been down 25 days of the month or 150 days of the year.

    I also want to be able to require that the status is completed each day not just have the Yard Manager not do the status update and just leave the asset in the same state Day-to-Day. Looking for some suggestions to make this seemless and simple for a yard manager to do daily and for our Operations Director to ensure that Asset Statuses are being completed each day. Each Yard manager will have (at most) 25-30 trucks.....Some will have 6-10....So it is not a list of hundreds of assets. I just need it to be simple, reportable and accountable....