• 1.  many to many report help

    Posted 11-20-2017 20:10
    I am looking to get some assistance with a many to many relationship.

    I have a table of servers that is autopopulated by a script. 

    I have a table of services that is static data.  The service name field is a multiple choice list. I also have two more tables that the services table is linked to via a one to many relationship. 

    What I want is in when I click on a record in the server table that form to be able to pull in the many services associated with that server and all the endpoints and logs associated with each service that is pulled in.  I can do this if I only have one service associated with a server.  

    Unless I am missing something, using a summary/join table would require me to go in and link 1000s of servers with each of the few services each server could have.  I would like to be able to grid edit the server table and in the "services - name" field use a picker to select multiple services.  I am able to do this without a relationship if I create a new "services" field in the server table and use the list of services names from the service table but when I do this I am unable to associate these service records to pull in the related endpoints and logs.

    I think possibly using some javascript to run this report would be easiest but wanted to check to see if that is the best approach or if I am misisng something obviously easy with linking these two tables.