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Flickr Viewer

  • 1.  Flickr Viewer

    Posted 11-13-2018 20:08
    Has anyone integrated Flickr plugin into a QB Form.

    Here are a few plugins.

    We have connected a QB table record to Flickr Album via Zapier.

    We really want to utilise a Plugin directly in the form as opposed to having to tab between the two websites.

  • 2.  RE: Flickr Viewer

    Posted 11-14-2018 06:01
    All those AWPLife plugins are for Wordpress sites and are written in PHP. There is no ability to run PHP from a QuickBase code page. If you want to fancy way to display images in QuickBase you need to find some type of JavaScript Carousel library of which there are many to choose from. Google "JavaScript carousel".

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    Posted 11-14-2018 11:53

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    Posted 11-16-2018 10:00
    That will work. If you need help feel free to contact me off-world using the information in my profile: