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Making an attendance record

  • 1.  Making an attendance record

    Posted 06-05-2018 13:35
    This is my first time using quickbase and I'm not sure how I would start this project. I have to create an attendance sheet. So the user would have a list of members and then be able to check whether each member is present, proxy or absent. I know I need to create a form to add members, but I'm not sure what else to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Making an attendance record

    Posted 06-05-2018 14:27
    Can you tell me mor about the use case. How many members.

    But based on what you have aide it sounds like you have a standard list of members and then a list of meetings.

    You want to be a Ken to look at a meeting and see who attended.

    The first step will be to get the design of the table and relationships correct. I suggest a table of members and a table of meetings and the middle. Table of meeting attendees, it will be achild table to both of those two other tables.

    So then the question will be how to easily create the meeting attendee records.

    First be sure that you have the button working tomanually add a attendees record by launching off a member record.

    Once you get that working, post back and I will help you set a focus meeting so that when you create the meeting Attendance records, you can preset the Meeting. Then I will help you create a button to quickly add the member attendance record with just a single click, so that you could just qu8ckly run down a report and clock to create the records in single clicks very rapidly.

  • 3.  RE: Making an attendance record

    Posted 06-05-2018 16:40
    Thank you for your quick response. Here's a summary of my case: I have 100 users and I want to start an attendance sheet to track daily meetings called cycle meetings with 4 members. I'd like to make it easy for the user check to see if the member is present, proxy or absent. So the user can just checkmark one box without having to type in or use a drop down menu. The app should be able to display a line graph showing the percentage of attendance VS the week. It should also be able to show an overall pie graph of present, proxy and absent.

    After reviewing my case I think it' might be easier to use an already made application rather than create a new one. I'm confused on how to navigate quickbase. I've made the tables below and made a relationship where each meeting has many members.

  • 4.  RE: Making an attendance record

    Posted 06-06-2018 10:43
    Sorry for the slow response. I�m down here in Austin at the annual EMPOWER Quick Base convention with 899 other crazed Quick Base uses and developers and Quick Base employees and the days are packed with content.

    You may need an hour or two of one on one assistance to get your app built quickly or else we can slowly work through the steps on this forum. If you want Quick, then feel free to contact me via my website QuickBaseCoach.com

    If slow, then you need to start with my original suggestion in my initial response.