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Keep Table Report on Single Page

  • 1.  Keep Table Report on Single Page

    Posted 10-10-2017 20:16
    Is there a way to force a table report not to split itself into multiple pages if it contains 500+ entries? I know this seems like a bit of an odd request but I have a user who requested a subscription to email them a table report once a month but because the report has over 500 entries, it is split into 2+ pages automatically so when it comes in an email, the user gets the first page displayed in the email and must click a link to access the second page on QB.

    This subscription is partially used as a backup reference, should anything go wrong resulting in data loss, we have an emailed "snapshot" the data once a month so forcing users to click a link to open the second page in QB is not really an option.

    I have noticed an older table with a "List All" report currently containing 708 entries does not behave this way and all records are shown on one page but I cannot find a report setting in either table that appears to force this behavior.

    Even if I can just get the subscription email to show all of the records on a single page, that would be an improvement. Thanks!

  • 2.  RE: Keep Table Report on Single Page

    Posted 10-10-2017 20:37
    I believe if you have fewer columns you will receive more rows before it paginates. Can you sacrifice any columns?

  • 3.  RE: Keep Table Report on Single Page

    Posted 10-10-2017 21:14
    I just tested that and it does appear to work but I have to trim down quite a few columns (looks like at least 3 or 4 of the current 8) so I'll have to discuss with the user requesting this and see if there's any way we can give up some of the provided information. Thank you!