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count how many times date is changed

  • 1.  count how many times date is changed

    Posted 01-16-2019 16:51
    Basically I have a date field and want to change a field called number of time contacted everytime date is changed. The date field is last contacted so everytime date changes, increment number of times contacted by 1

  • 2.  RE: count how many times date is changed

    Posted 01-24-2019 19:03
    Hi Tayeb,

    In the past the way I have done this is to have a field on a record that tracks number of times changed and another field that is a numeric formula that pulls up number of times changed +1. Then you can set up an Automation that say whenever a record is edited and that date field is changed copy the value from the field times changed +1 to times changed. Then each time it is edited it will climb up one increment. You just need to set up that formula field to give you the next increment and then the logic for your Automation to edit the triggering record when the date field changes. I hope that suggestion is helpful.