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    What's Your Favorite ICD-10 Code?

    I'll start... Z63.1 Problems with Relationships with In Laws. ------------------------------ Ben Simon Do you have Feedback on how to make Qrew Discussions a better experience? Let's chat! ---- ...

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    What's An Example...

    ...of a current challenge in healthcare that you're curious if there's a solution for in Quickbase? What's the challenge? What would be needed to solve for it with a Quickbase app? Or if not the entire solution, what's the piece that you would solve ...



  • Welcome to the Healthcare Customer Network Qrew


    Welcome to our new area of The Qrew devoted to Qrew Members working in Healthcare.

    This is where we will:

    • Continue discussions outside of the meetings. Feel free to post questions & discussions here!
    • Post announcements for the group
    • Post upcoming meetings info
    • Quickbase folks will post blogs
    • We can use the image library to share tips and best practices. 

    We're looking forward to keeping in touch with you all here.