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    Hi, Does anyone know if you can show the % of the x-axis stacked bar rather than % of total series with a Stacked Bar Chart? i.e % of each stacked bar rather than a % of the series total. Thanks, ------------------------------ Tim Egerton ------- ...

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    All they tell me is 'we escalated it to the Pipelines team', but its been a week. Submit a ticket as well. If they get blasted with complaints they will take it seriously. ------------------------------ Mike Tamoush ------------------------------

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    All of these are in a single surveydata table tied together by facility name. So we can have many survey types by survey date per facility. ------------------------------ Jerome Mitchell ------------------------------

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    RE: how do I delete a file

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    Edit the record and there will be a checkbox called delete. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution Provider Your Quick Base Coach http://QuickBaseCoach.com mark.shnier@gmail.com ------------------------------

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    Hi All, I'm working on an uptime report for some devices. Each device checks in everyday. I'd like to show the percentage of check-ins per week and month per device. Monthly report: Device A checks in everyday of the month of July ( 31 checks ins), ...

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    Were there any responses / solutions for this? I am having a similar issue. I have a "Rich Text" field in one application and I want to have an automation run to send the contents of that field to a "Text" field in another application; but the results ...

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