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    RE: Edit, Save, redirect

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    It would help if you let us know the error message :) ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution Provider Your Quick Base Coach http://QuickBaseCoach.com mark.shnier@gmail.com ------------------------------

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    Curtis If you make a helper table with a single record in it, it will be Record ID# =1 . You can then make a relationships to all your child record with a reference field with a formula of 1, then make a summary of the Maximum Record ID# of ALL children ...

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    The URL formula to pop up an add record form is URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID table name goes here from advanced properties] & " & ?act=API_GenAddRecordForm If you want to return to the record that you launched off of then you would suffix that with & ...

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    Using Magic Button formula below. It works for QB users but not for Non QBases users (EOTI) who complete a form, then Save & Close. URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() & "?a=printr&rid=" & [Record ID#] Thanks L ------------------------------ Lorena Nava ...

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    Here is an easy way to change the native Quick Base font and background of the entire page of a table report or form. This information is also in a reply to another thread, but I wanted to start a new one with a specific subject and hashtags. There ...

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    A solution has been posted here: link ------------------------------ Adam Keever ------------------------------

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