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    imho, they have gone too far on load on scroll for reports. It should load the whole page. Yes, put in a user voice. They do read every single one of those and they will combine it with other similar suggestions if its a duplicate. I have suggested ...

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    @E. P in order to be able to run this on a schedule you'd need to create a Pipeline (or other similar server side script) to do all of the processing. I've started working on a Pipeline for this a couple of times since it's been highly requested, however ...

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    Restrict user-list field

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    Hello, I have lookup filed that contains list of users. On the same form I have one more field user-list drop down that contains all users in the app. I need to filter users in second field to match the values in the first lookup field. Lookup filed ...

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    I endorse Docs XL as well, but in your use case, I would just make a nested formula URL button to 1. Purge the consolidated table. 2, 3, 4, 5, Run 4 saved T2T imports. 6. Land the user on the consolidated table. ------------------------------ Mark ...

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    Quickbase customer support helped us out and it turned out to be simply of matter of needing to delete the notification and set it up again. Otherwise, we were all good. Thanks. ------------------------------ Michelle Woolley --------------------- ...

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    Yes you need to create a new field of type Formula Rich Text.. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution Provider Your Quick Base Coach http://QuickBaseCoach.com mark.shnier@gmail.com ------------------------------

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