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    RE: Summary Field Issue

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    I get the gist of what you're saying. I just don't have a full understanding of the concept yet. I may just be confused due to some clean up I have to do for unused fields, some of which came from my efforts with relationships no longer in place. I ...

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    Hello everyone! New user, first post. I'm looking for help in building a table where each record will represent a unique date and additional fields will equate each of those dates to a Quarter, Fiscal Year, Actual Year, etc... I think I can get most of ...

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    Mark!! Once again, you are brilliant!! I recreated the scenario using the exact data above (in a test table) and it works perfectly. When I try to use it in my real scenario, QB doesn't like the "$" after "AnimalTypesOne =" I would love to connect ...

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    Ok, I'll give it a shot, thanks! ------------------------------ Dante Tognoli ------------------------------

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    Redirect on Add Record API

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    I am using the Add record API in order to copy a record on mobile (there seems to be a glitch where you can't use the native copy functionality on mobile). Made a button using the add record API which also copies selected fields I want. Works great on ...

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    Multiple Choice Solution

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    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone could provide some insight on the best way to accomplish this scenario. I am not very quickbase savvy, I have been able to find all other solutions or insight by searching as I am building this project but this, ...

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