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    I doubt that it's going to be possible to just run a report of all promotions showing their sales because in fact there can be competing overlapping promotions applying to the same sales. But here is an approach where you can look at the sales for a ...

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    Anna, I'm trying to figure out this new forum. You seem to be asking for help in debugging a formula URL button but have not posted the code that you are now using,. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) markshnier2@gmail.com ----------- ...

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    Please post you code that is now working. ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) markshnier2@gmail.com ------------------------------

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    The Mod function will return the remainder of x/y, so when Mod(x,y) = 0 then x is evenly divisible by y. If you combine If and Mod, you could get the coloring down. Here's an example based on the exact situation presented in your post: If(Mod( [Related ...

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    Tips on Posting a Question

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    Our Discussions threads are a great place to collaborate with other problem-solvers on your questions. Below are some suggestions to help you get your Question noticed. Also find out about techniques to make sure your fellow problem-solvers have all the ...

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    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. Thats a good suggestion. Seems like Qbase should have something native but that should work.

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