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    The other type of answer in this thread is for really advanced developers, who are real programmers. It's sounds like that is not where you are at and it's also not the approach I would personally take to solving Quick Base issues. I prefer clean quick ...

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    RE: Cascading Dropdowns

    Posted in: Discussions

    Hi Rob, You need to setup Parent-child-child tables and relationship. Category-Category-1 and Category-1 to Category-2 (child). Create the category-2 table with record ID as primary category-1 as reference field for setting up relationship. Then setup ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Hi All, I have created calendar report to show start date and end date for time off plan. The problem is if start date is on Friday and end date is on Sunday as shown in the attachment. It will give the weekend color code also. It's possible to exclude ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Hi Ivan, Automation by default fires with the person who created it or by admin account. The best practices to achieve this is by creating a user field in the destination table. Example : Win Triggered By ( Type User()). In the automation, Pass the ...

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    Evan, Consider putting a child table in between the Employees and Tasks Tasks << Employee Tasks >> Employees Now you can add as many Electricians to the Task as you need. Also you can get business process info on each individually. Maybe both ...

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    So is tdf_1 your field that you found through the method Everett described? The error your are getting is telling you the field you are trying to convert into a number is not a number(NaN). I wouldn't normally use so many alerts but if you want to know ...

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