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Haunted Quick Base

  • With Halloween just around the corner we are throwing out a challenge to our community members with a slightly spooky twist. This time of the year as the season's change and night comes even earlier it is the perfect setting for a spooky story. Tell us ... Read Post

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    Thanks Mark. I'm not sure I understand what field ID's I use in the three fid spots in your programming, nor what the [Request Title] field represents? ------------------------------ Mike Tamoush ------------------------------

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    There are 19 Users in the Table but only 7 of them are adjusters being assigned to claims. The key field in that table is User ( it is a User field ) ------------------------------ Gary McDonald ------------------------------

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    RE: Home Pages

    Posted in: Discussions

    I advise against giving them the administrative permissions to do this as you are giving those 4 other users the "keys to the kingdom" which in the wrong hands can be extremely dangerous to your data integrity. Depending on how many users there are in ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Thanks! I was able to convert the other way since I'm comparing dates from 2 different sources. datetime.utcfromtimestamp(float ( str (my_date)[: 10 ])).strftime( '%m/ %d /%Y') Am I missing something? Since I don't need the time of day ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Hi Mark and Evan, Sorry for my delayed response to both of your ideas. I think the Search and Replace in excel could actually be a simple resolve, and then converting the field into a multi select. Will give it a try - thank you both for your help!! ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    That is definitely possible but before you use that approach, can you get more specifics about what you would want updated? Because if it could be done through summary fields and formulas that would be a more reliable and less complicated way to do things. ...

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