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  • Posted in: Discussions

    I do have a numeric field to track; however, i'm not sure how to trigger that numeric field to change from 0 to 1, when i click that URL button once.. and then, later if i click the same button again, the numeric field will change from 1 to 2 within the ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    I've just run into this for the first time - is it the case that a Grid Edit report (as a report type, as opposed to a Table Report being accessed via Grid Edit Mode) cannot be exported as csv? ------------------------------ Alex Molochko ---------- ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Hi, I'm doing a bulk data upload into a text field and I'm wondering if theres a way that I can take the items listed in regular text field (separated by comma) and transfer them into the options of a Multi Select Text field. Would need to look something ...

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    RE: Creating dynamic Surveys

    Posted in: Discussions

    Here is the easiest example. Make a Multiple Choice field and use either the 5 or 7 Likert scale. When you put it on the form, you can go to Customize This Form and there will be an option for that field " Display choices as radio buttons (instead of ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    THank you !! Amazing it works. My status formulaes will shrink by ten folds because of this . ------------------------------ Gunsham Lakhiani ------------------------------

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  • Posted in: Discussions

    The Anchor Tag field needs to be visible on the form, but it can be set on form properties to have no label, hapence invisible. Its a Rich Text field type like "<a name=DealerClaim></a>" Then at the end if the URL you suffix like & "#​ DealerClaim" ...

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