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Haunted Quick Base

  • With Halloween just around the corner we are throwing out a challenge to our community members with a slightly spooky twist. This time of the year as the season's change and night comes even earlier it is the perfect setting for a spooky story. Tell us ... Read Post

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    RE: Cascading Dropdowns

    Posted in: Discussions

    Rob, Users creating bad data and being lazy.... So many stories. To prevent this, change the permissions on those two tables to prevent certain User Roles from being able to Add Records. Go to settings for the table in question The right hand ...

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    RE: Archiving Paste Equipment Data

    Posted in: Discussions

    Samuel, Archiving data is a huge problem in lots of systems, not just Quick Base. We built a tool to get data out of Quick Base and into a SQL Compliant DB called Paasporter. www.paasporter.com That maintains all the relationships and fully indexs ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Mark, coming back to you on this formula, what if I want to remove the brackets and the date/name tag from the latest comments formula please? [OCT-23-19 xxx.xxxx @warnerbros.com ] ------------------------------ Adam Hollman ------------------- ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Thanks, Evan, will be great to have that feature on Quickbase milestones ------------------------------ Syaeful Bahri ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Discussions

    Starting to see the first minor flaw in the plan. The fid_104 is required to be visible on the form for this work. ​I can live with that for now but any thoughts on a better way to pass the information without using it on the form? ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: Discussions

    To add to Marks response, you can achieve this with enhancements to marks response. I do use these kind of scenarios many of the times to control my tables uniqueness Follow these steps: 1) Create a text field, e.g. Reference Key, type Text and set ...

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  • We are excited to continue our Ask Me Anything series and to be inviting Harrison Hersch, a senior product manager here at Quick Base, to join us on the Community to talk about his work on Performance. ...

  • Here at Quick Base, we hate busy work. Sometimes, we notice ourselves taking the same, repetitive steps over and over. So, we often wonder whether there’s a better way. For instance, let’s say you’ve just ...

  • Administrators use the Admin Console to manage their account, by keeping track of things like apps, users, and billing. However, some of our customers have asked for a greater level of visibility into ...

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