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September Ask Me Anything

  • For our September AMA (Ask Me Anything) we are going to be focusing on the ever popular subject of App Planning with the help of Lee Gilmore , one of our Orientation Success Managers, and the Orientation team. Whether planning a brand new app or getting ... Read Post

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    Hi Chris, Are you still experiencing these issues with error messages? Are they in all of your apps or only specific applications? If you are seeing something like this still I would recommend reaching out to the Care team via a support case to help ...

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    I have set up notifications (single record) to send when one of the field data changes. How do I show which field changed? Also, [Last modified by] is not showing in the email. This is my message: [JOB NUMBER] - [Project Name] PROJECTED START DATE ...

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    If you want to eliminate the ambiguity around case sensitivity in formulas, you can always use the Lower() and Upper() functions. It then won't matter if your field has the word "yes" spelled with any of the 8 combinations of upper and lower case letters ...

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    I have attempted this but I must have made a mistake. The miles should be 3 and I am getting 5000. var number OriginLat = [LatitudeVendor]; var number OriginLong = [LongitudeVendor]; var number DestLat = [LatitudePlant]; var number DestLong = [LongitudePlant]; ...

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    Yes, you can put grid edit reports either using the Web module of the Page or a Report Module. If you use the Web module, make sure you include &ifv=1 as part of the URL for a cleaner presentation ------------------------------ G.Macri G.Macri ---- ...

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    RE: Random Sample

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    Hi Mark, Thanks! I'll give it a shot. ------------------------------ Sheri W ------------------------------

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  • Chicken Tracking with QB

    Learn more about how one of our community members, Steve Davidson, is using a Quick Base app and a lot of ingenuity to help him track his chickens and bring his coop into the cloud.

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