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    I don't know of any native way but you could do this with JavaScript and you may or may not need to use the image on load technique. As long as you do not expect your form to change much or you are fine updating the code if something does change this ...

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    This is awesome, thank you so much!! I'll try this next week but looks like it makes intuitive sense. I always forget about Trim. ------------------------------ Brian Richardson (test editor) ------------------------------

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    Is this what you want? IF([EWO# STATUS]="GET EWO#","<font color=red>" & [JOB NUMBW2], [JOB NUMBW2]) ------------------------------ Mark Shnier (YQC) Quick Base Solution Provider Your Quick Base Coach http://QuickBaseCoach.com mark.shnier@gmail.com ...

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    That worked perfectly, thank you! ------------------------------ Lisa Schibley ------------------------------

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    I have a many to many relationship between Assets and Service Orders. The third 'linking' table I called SO Asset Assignments. On my assets table, there is a child table for photos. On my service order table, when I am displaying the report link to ...

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    RE: URL button code

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    Good news is that I got this to work, bad news is that it only works for one record ID since the HTML will only interpret static references and does not compile URLRoot(), Dbid(), and [Record ID#] functions and attributes.... Date field is empty: ...

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