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I know that there are lots of posts on email generation; I've read many, many of them and still have not found a clear explanation of a solution for what I'm trying to do (i.e., with specific URL formulas etc.).

I have a project tracking database.  When all of the data for a new project is created, I need a button, call it "Send Project" that generates a custom email to an email address included as a field in the main form. 

The basic email notification triggers do not work. I don't want it to send upon addition/deletion/modification of the record.   I've tried to use a toggle field "ReadyToSend", to trigger the form when checked, but could not get that to work.  That said, I do like the ability of custom notifications to combine custom text and form fields.  

I've tried my hand at URL-Formula button in its simple form, like this:

URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() & "?a=dr&rid=" & ToText([Record ID#]) & "&dfid=10"

but that has two problems. It simply invokes the Mail interface, and requires me to address the email (which is limited to registered users; the intended recipient is not a Quickbase user).  Second, it sends the whole record (which logically follows from the foregoing).

The text of the email should be something like

Our Ref. No.: [Our Matter]
[Receipient Name]:
Attached you will find a project for [Client]..
<other text and fields>
Please complete the project by [Due Date]...

So is this done via a Notification? A Form? a Button/URL? A combination of these?  
Can you provide the prototype syntax?




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Posted 2 years ago

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It's not very often I get to answer questions instead of ask. But I just did something similar to what you are asking this week!

I have a document that I send out as a PDF to multiple customers per day. I use an email template, but it's kind of a pain to get to. So I wanted a button that would essentially create this template for me. So I set up a button that will fill in the Subject and Body of the message. 

To start I was able to use the app already built on the exchange to test. That app is called "Tutorial: One click button for outlook". This is a great example of what I needed, although I needed modifications to meet my needs. I would suggest looking at that app though, it was very helpful. 

Basically, on the page I'm sending the email from I added a couple new fields. Two formula text fields called [Subject] and [Body], and a formula URL called [Send Email] which will end up being the button. 

In the [Subject] field I simply set up the text I wanted to be in the subject. My subject included a value from a field so I used a formula text field for this. If you don't need data from a field in the subject you could just use a regular text field and set the default text.  Here is a screenshot of what it looks like for me. 

In the [Body] field I set it up to be laid out how I want. If you need line breaks you will have to use %0D%0A in the formula to include them. So below is what that formula looks like

Finally, in the [Send Email] field you put in the code needed to put this all together in your email client. You can also add a [To] field to auto fill in the recipients of your email as well. See below what I have in my formula. Be sure to put what you want the button to say in the [Link Text] field, and to check the "Display as button..." checkbox.

Finally, you should be able to add the button to your form and test. Here is a screenshot of what I get when I press the button. My email client auto-populates my signature (I've removed most of it from this image) and I can make any changes necessary before sending. 

Sorry for the long explanation, I wanted to provide as much detail as possible. Hope this helps!