Automation to add records to one table from a table whose records are created via API_AddRecord is being limited

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I have a calendar add-on that uses API_AddRecord to add multiple records (employee shifts and their work assignment details) to one table all at once, in this test case I used today it was 287 records. Those records are supposed to be created in a separate table as well if they meet certain conditions. The automation works perfectly for records created via grid edit or one-by-one in the form. In the calendar, you go to a week and click "Populate Week" and all scheduled employee's shifts are created for that week.

The automation still works, but what's happening is, only 10 records are being added via the automation. I takes the first 2 or so employees from each day of the week.

Is there a limit like 10 records per run with API_AddRecord-related records? Does anyone know of any way to get around this? I heard that automations might not fully work with API-created records, but I also heard that a Q4 update was supposed to handle this.

Thanks for any suggestions
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Tyler Parker

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Posted 8 months ago

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It is confusing why you think automations have anything to do with API Calls. How automations work is under the hood managed by QuickBase. But if you were using API Calls (which is outside of automations, there is NO limit of the number of records. I don't know where you heard that but automations do not discriminate between data entered interactively vs via API Calls.
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Hi Tyler,

Automations don't care how a record is added. Is it possible that your add on is creating records too quickly and so hits our webhook rate limit? If possible, I would recommend that you create multiple records using API_ImportFromCSV.


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Tyler Parker

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Thanks Matt, that's what I was getting at. I'm reading on the Automation Limits page but maybe I should be looking into the Webhook limits? I didn't know that Automations relied on webhook limits underneath. The add-on does indeed only take about 2-3 seconds to run. Would extending the time accommodate webhook limits? If so, how many seconds do you think I would need to tell the code to wait before finishing if I was to create roughly records 350 with one click?
Matt, Isn't the limit on Webhooks 10 per second? Or has it been increased lately? Also, webhooks created by Automations are json based, right? So does the webhook limit still apply for automations?
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The webhook limit was raised to 20 per second.  So I suggest if they are being added one by one to limit them to that speed. 
Another alternative in this case, would be to consider using the API_CopyMasterDetail.