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I have a field to show the running average during a 12 month period. My calculation is:

Average([Average Jan Results], [Average Feb Results],[Average Mar Results],[Average Apr Results], [Average May Results],[Average Jun Results],[Average Jul Results], [Average Aug Results],[Average Sep Results],[Average Oct Results], [Average Nov Results],[Average Dec Results]).

Jan results is 94%. The rest of the year is default at 0%. The field should display 94% but instead it is showing 7.89%. What am I missing?

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Posted 3 years ago

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Try setting the fields all to not treat blanks as zero - I assume that these are Summary fields?  Let me now if that fixes the problem.
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You are calculating the average of the 12 months period, It will always be sum of 12 months period result/12
Not necessarily correct.  The Average function ignores null values.