Can I filter a dropdown based on multiple conditional values? There is not a simple, logical series of conditional dropdowns I can use...

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I have a tool that we use to spec electrical projects.  In this particular section, I have multiple dropdowns to filter down the lighting fixtures for the electrician to select from while he is performing a site assessment.  This works well, however I would like to be able to archive items so they do not show up on in the dropdown list on the form when they are out of stock or a better item is available (We have thousands of lighting fixtures to choose from).  I essentially want to be able to put in a checkbox to have the item removed but retain the item type, sub-type and mount type (the 3 tables I currently use to filter the fixtures on the form).  I would not mind making a 4th filter table, but I'm trying to avoid having to make an active/archive option tied to each type, sub-type, and mount.  Is this possible to do?  It seems like it should be fairly simple if I could use multiple conditional values.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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no problem.  Put a checkbox field on the fixtures for "hide" or "Archive" or "do not show" ,.. whatever you want to call it.

Then make a report of the drop down choices with a filer to exclude the drops. 

Set the form properties to use that report for the drop down list.