Change Save & Close button to "Submit" and remove Cancel button

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I have created a table for online employment applications and using iframe to show it on our website.  I would like the the page to just have a Submit button at the bottom, without the Cancel button.  And I definitely don't want them to have the option of Save & New.
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Mike Blink

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Posted 6 months ago

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try suffixing your URL with 


Then you will have no save or cancel button at all.

But then make your own save button with a Formula Rich Text field

"<a id='saveButton' class='Vibrant Success' onclick='DoSave()' href='#'>WhatEverYouWantYourButtonToSay</a>"

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Wendy Shoef

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Can you call the Save and Keep working?
Also, will all the automations, webhooks, notifications, etc fire off if you use the DoSave()?
all the automatons etc will fire.  A save is a save is a save.  But I do not have any reliable code to save and keep working on the form with ifv=1
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Minda M

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I'm using this and I like it... but I want the user to stay on the bottom of the form after they Save and Close so they will be in the right place for the next step.

Here's what I have in a Rich Text Formula field:

"<a id='saveButton' class='Vibrant Success' style='border:1px solid #6BBD57; background-color:#6BBD57' onclick='DoSave()' href='#Anchor'>Save & Close</a>"

I also built a Rich Text formula field to serve as an anchor:

"<a name=Anchor></a>"

It's not working. Any ideas?

How is the user getting to your form in the first place. That is likely the best way to control where is the user goes after they save.

Can you post the code for what they’re clicking on to get to that form.
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Minda M

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They are getting to the form by using the Add Opportunity button in Quick Base. Anyhow, I solved my issue and the details are here in this other post:

Turns out it works nicely without having to send the user to the bottom of the page.