Copy a value from one field to another using .js

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I have an HTML page with 2 drop down fields.  one is

1) Customer Title
    > Executive Level
    > Manager Lever
    > Director Level
    > Other

2) Customer Department
   > Marketing
   > Sales
   > Others

I need to write a formula, setting value in Request Priority field in one of the tables of App. User should be able to edit or  change the priorty using dropdown options. So i have set Request Priority as a Text Multi Choice

my plan was to write a formula within javascript and pass the value to the field while onloading the form

1) Is above thing doable using javascript, I believe yes 
2) how to do it? My challenge
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To clarify - are you just asking about how to populate [Request Priority]? Is there anything you're looking for in regards to the HTML page and drop downs for title/department? 

It sounds like from the second part of your question that you have a Quick Base form - and you want to 'default' a value in [Request Priority] but then allow users to be able to change it. Is that correct? If yes - you don't need Javascript, you can just use form rules. Dynamic form rules on a Quick Base form will let you copy the value of a formula - in this case, lets say [Request Priority - Auto], and when the form loads copy that value into the [Request Priority] Dropdown.

You can put whatever logic into your [Request Priority - Auto] field that that when the form loads the first time it will generate and copy the right value into your true [Request Priority]

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