Display more than one report on a single page

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I have a Formula-URL Button. When i click on that button , display more than one Table Report on the same page one below the other and that all Table reports should be in the Grid-Edit mode by default. How to achieve this in QuickBase ?
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Posted 7 months ago

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Can be done depending on the use-case. Can you present your use-case?
Grid edit more than one report on the same page? I'm intrigued..
Me too...About the use-case. As long as they are all related to something in common, it is quite possible. We do that all the time out here. If I have an Employees table (for example) and I have all their skills, projects they are working on, you could typically have all the subreports editable on the employees form. That is one page with multiple grid edit reports. But if they are not related, we can still relate it to some phantom concept. All depends on @murali's use-case.