Help with application token please!

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I've been trying to understand application tokens and have made a mess. When using buttons in my app i am returned to a previous version of the app (which until i noticed was greatly confusing!). I want to get my app working again, tried generating a new token and assigning it but to no avail, i click on a button and i'm switched to the old version of the app. Not really understanding how app tokens work - clearly! Any help greatly appreciated please.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I think that you are confusing app tokens with hard coded URLs. Can you post an example of a button which is leading you to a different application.

What I expect is that you be created URL formula buttons which have the tables hard coded, as opposed to referring their table names.

Can you post an example and I will show you how to correct it.
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Here is the button code, what have i done wrong?

If(IsNull([Change Request ID#])=false and (IsNull([# of Approvals])=true or [# of Approvals]=0),URLRoot() & "db/bmgkazpqq"
& "?act=API_AddRecord"
& "&apptoken=chj8xied6ju5ucbj2guu6c6zq3c9"
//& "&apptoken=bg2ksr7cws5xgq3qgvvzbaqnghz"
& "&_fid_10="&URLEncode([Change Request ID#])
& "&_fid_8="&URLEncode("02 Submitted to PE for approval")
& "&_fid_16="&URLEncode(true)
& "&_fid_31="&URLEncode([Change Request ID#])
& "&_fid_80="&URLEncode("02 Submitted to PE for approval")
& "&rdr=" & URLEncode(URLRoot() & "db/bmgkazn4z" &  "?a=dr&rid="& [Change Request ID#] & "&dfid=2"),"")
So this line here
URLRoot() & "db/bmgkazpqq"

specifies the URL where the table is located at.

you will see that the table ID one of your apps is located at

so when you click that button on your app or a copy of your app, it will go to that table - which them maybe in the wrong app f that code came from an original app and then you are now working on a Copy of the app..

The correction is to change that to

URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_CHANGE_REQUESTS]  

or whatever the "alias" table name is.  You find that in the Advanced Properties for the table, down at the bottom of the page.  
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Hi, the advice above was good and worked. I am still puzzled however?

I have copied this application numerous times without issue. Why suddenly do table references and application tokens not get carried over/updated in the process of copying the application? Surely this is not standard behaviour? Has a setting been changed somewhere?