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I would like to setup a calculation to do show when a month meets or is at-risk based on a field results. This is what I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If ([Average Jan Results],

>.90<=1, "https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/228-rect_green.png\" title=\"Meets\">",

>.85<=.89, ""https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/229-rect_yellow.png\" title=\"Needs Improvement\">", 

>.80<=.84, ""https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/227-rect_red.png" title=\"At Risk\">", 

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Posted 3 years ago

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Try this.

I was guessing that if the results were exactly on the break point that it went with that group, go example, exactly 90% would be Meets.  But in fact the formula will return null if the score is under 80%, so I suspect that it will not give you what you want.  What should the result be for say a75% score?

If (

[Average Jan Results] >= .90, "https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/228-rect_green.png\" title=\"Meets\">",

[Average Jan Results] >= .85, "https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/229-rect_yellow.png\" title=\"Needs Improvement\">",

[Average Jan Results] >= .80, "https://images.quickbase.com/si/16/227-rect_red.png" title=\"At Risk\">")