How to embed customized reports instead of Default report settings when embedding reports in an Exact Form

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Is it possible to produce customized reports in an Exact Form, or is Exact Forms limited to creating reports using the Default Reporting features, which are limited in sorting capabilities.


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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out via the QuickBase Online Community!

You can in fact use custom reports with sorting and grouping in Exact Forms.  Here's a our Help Article on how to customize Exact Forms, with formatting specifics towards the bottom:

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Amanda Torrisi

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Also.. I did find that you can add: 
  • ned to omit the edit icons in HTML table format

  • nvw to omit the view icons in HTML table forma

but i cannot get this to work in the above.... 
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Amanda Torrisi

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Sorry.... LAST UPDATE- I had an extra space. This worked: 

~=qdb.GetURL("bmvugbz6n", "API_GenResultsTable^query={'24'.EX.'"+ field["Record ID#"]+"'}^clist=6.7.49^options=phd.nfg.ned.nvw.&slist=6.sortorder-A."+ new Date().getTime());~
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Interesting.. well, for whatever reason my query had those options off by default, but now that i look at the Options in the API guide, good to know they are there!
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Hi all,

My comment keeps getting rejected, so I’ve split it up.

I was able to get some help from a couple of people at Quick Base support with this.  Some of what's below is quoted from them, some is my own commentary.

the Standard Embedded table code in Exact form:
~=qdb.GetURL("bji7iw9jh", "API_GenResultsTable^qid=32^ts=" + new Date().getTime());~

The Standard Embedded code uses the qid= "Report ID", in the code to specify the table report you want to use in the Exact form from the table you print from.

What surprised me is that this printed the entire report for the child table, not just the records that are related to the particular parent that the Exact Form is referencing.

When I filed another case asking how to limit the report to just the related records, I was advised to use a Report Link field.  

1. To specify that the exact form should only show records relating to the current parent record you could simply create a report link between these two tables and then call that field in your exact form code. For example, say the table you're creating an exact form for is called Invoices, and the report link field that connects to your Orders details table is called Orders. Within your exact form, the field code you'd type would be: ~Orders~. Then when you generate the Exact Form this would appear just as a report link would. 

Note: you can only use the default report with this.  I remembered that you can specify a report when using a Report Link, but it turns out that's only in the regular Forms interface.  If you want to do a custom report, you have to build it.

That uses the syntax:

Custom field list Exact Form Code:
~=qdb.GetURL("bjmzv9fnt", "API_GenResultsTable^query={'11'.EX.'"+ field["Record ID#"]+"'}^^clist=^ts="+ new Date().getTime());~
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Second part of comment:

2. I asked about adding more sorting and grouping compared to what was in the help article in the help article Daniel had mentioned:

To change the sorting and grouping options you would just need to alter your call to follow the guidelines laid out in the API_GenResultsTable API guidelines to reflect the correct combination of sorting and grouping options you'd like. These can be accessed here:

I had to play around using the "Show the expanded URL for this report" to find that 
the number of "V"s in groupby-V  determines how many of the fields in the slist get grouped.  The API guide isn't that specific, but you can find things out by playing around. 

Hope this helps somebody!
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If Exact Forms doesn't provide you with all the flexibility you are looking for, take a look at Exact Forms Plus!

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Sara C

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Thank you for this thread. I was able to get rid of the edit and view icons in the report using the "options" that Amanda mentioned above. Here's an example using options: 
~=qdb.GetURL("MYTABLEID", "API_GenResultsTable^query={'10'.EX.'"+ field["Record ID#"]+"'}AND({'6'.EX. 'New'}OR{'6'.EX. 'Approved'})^clist=^slist=3^^ts="+ new Date().getTime());~