How to pass data from a child record, to a second parent table that will then relate the second parent as a child to the first parent

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I have a table, let's call it "Requests" that has a child table of "Items". I also have a table called "Orders" that is a parent to the "Items" table as well. So basically, when someone adds a Request, we can then go to the items of that request and select an order to add them to. Oh, and  the Orders are also a child to Requests

So my goal here is to set everything up where, when I go to a Request, and choose to add a specific Item on that Request to a new Order, then that new Order also shows up in the Orders child table on the Request form. To do this, I need the Order record to automatically get the Related Request from the Item record, and apply it as it's own Related Request.

I set up a "reverse relationship" by following this:

So now, on my Order form, I have a populated "Maximum Record ID# - Related Request" field (from the Request<Item relationship) which is good. But now I'm stuck at how to pass that related record to the "Related Request" field (Request<Orders relationship)

I attached a depiction of the relationships, the dashed line represents the passing of the related Request from the Items to the Orders, so that the Order will show up on the Request form.

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Hello Matthew, 

Thank you for reaching out on the community. 

I don't believe you need a reverse relationship in this case. It sounds like you could use a report link field to display this information. You could match values in Items with those in Requests and show the order information through a report ( instead of using the default Orders child record table. A reverse relationship would only allow you to see the most recent or oldest Order on the Requests table. 

It may also be beneficial to enter a support ticket so you can talk to someone live about this.