I'd like Quickbase to email out a report 25 days after a specific field changes. Any suggestions?

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to find a way to trigger an email 25 days after a checkbox is checked.  This would be easy if QuickBase had better audit trails, or if form rules worked in Grid Edit, or if Append fields could be used with a formula, or if a Snapshot worked in the same form; unfortunately none of these are the case.  I also cannot use the "Date Modified" field because it's likely that other fields on this form will change.

Any suggestions would be helpful!  I'm fine with a complicated work around, just point me in the right direction.  Thank you!
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Posted 3 years ago

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I see two choices.

One is to set up a Webhook to update a date field when the checkbox is checked.  But their setup is more complicated than what I can explain on this forum.  Contact me via the info in my profile if you would like one on one assistance to set that up.

 Alternatively, you can change your checkbox field to a Yes No multiple choice field and enable Logging.  Then parse out the date with a formula.

Here are some formulas

Parsing Append Only Fields

so... if you have a text field set to Log Changes where the new entries act in the default manner which is to be at the bottom of the updates, here are some formuals to use to parse out the values from the most recent entry.  I am also assuming that you are logging the date and not the date and time.

Most recent value (formula text field type)

Trim(Right([my update field]),"]"))

Date of most recent update (this needs to be a formula date field)

ToDate(Left(Right([my update field],"["),9))

Who did the most recent update (formula text field type)

Trim(NotLeft(Left(Right([my update field],"["),"]"),9))

Parse out the date and time of the update

var text DateAndTime = Left(Right([append only with date /time],"["),18);
var date TheDate = ToDate(Left($DateAndTime," "));
var timeofday TheTime = ToTimeOfDay(NotLeft($DateAndTime,9));

ToTimestamp ($TheDate, $TheTime)
I did not specifically say this,  but once you have that date field isolated cleanly, you can set up a Reminder or Subscripton report to fire.
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Thank you, Mark!  I appreciate your quick response.  I think the second option will be my best bet.  Happy New Year!
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Couldn't you make a button for that edits the checkbox field and inserts a date into the audit-date field? The Magic Buttons app has a checkbox button that changes its look based on if the checkbox is true, as well.
I think that Caitlyn is using Grid edit, so she can't use form Rules or magic URL formula buttons in Grid edit