I'm trying to create a sort-able column that, A) puts empty dates cells at the bottom and B) put sites with a certain date at the top

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I'm trying to sort my report by ascending on the milestone (CI025), with blanks at the bottom.  I also want it sorted so that when the milestone (CI020) has a date it's at the top of the report.  I currently have a formula to that puts the blank dates at the bottom and sorts by CI025, but I can't figure how to move the entries with a CI020 to the top.  Below is the formula I have so far.

If(ToText([VINC CI025 (MS095) ACT])="","zzzzzzzz",ToText([VINC CI025 (MS095) ACT]))
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I'm not quite understanding what field type that is, but in general you can just list your coniditons and results like this

ToText([VINC CI025 (MS095) ACT])="","zzzzzzzz",  // zzz will sort last
ToText([VINC CI020 (MS095) ACT])<>"  ", // blank will sort first,
ToText([VINC CI025 (MS095) ACT]) // else use this field to sort.