Populate field with a specific value from 1 table into a report in another table.

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I have a Projects table and Tasks Table.

The Tasks are set with various status but only one task in the table will be "In-Progress".

I want to be able to show the In-Progress Task Number or Name in the Projects Report List.

I thought about creating a Current Task field in the Projects table and then was hoping to populate it using Dynamic Form Rules but I don't think this can be done.

Is there a recommended way to do this?


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Posted 4 years ago

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No problem. You just need a reverse relationship.

Make a summary field of the Maximum of the Record ID# field subject to the filter that the status is In-Progress. Call it [Record ID# of the In-Progress Task].

Then make a new verse relationship where one task is related to many Projects based in that field. Then just lookup any data you need to get to the Parent Project.
Thanks Mark, I have the first part where it shows the record id of the In-Progress Task but I can't get to grips with the reverse relationship.   I've created it as normal and added Task ID, Subject, Status but it doest show them up?
When you go to create the reverse relationship you needed to use the newly created field [Record ID# of the In-Progress Task] as the reference field on the right hand side of the Relationship.  If you did not do that, then delete the reverse relationship and build it again.
ie, it will default to [Related Project], but ignore that suggestion and choose a different field as your reference field on the right hand side.
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OMG, it worked perfectly.   Thanks Mark!
Great, the for letting me know.  You can mark my answer as recommended.